8th Grade Rocket Launch


Cade Sleight, Staff

8th graders on team Castle Peak and Challenger are going to be launching soda bottle rockets on Friday the 7th at Sierra Middle School. They are demonstrating their understanding of rockets, and aerodynamics. They will be launched with water and an air compressor. 

The preparation of a rocket is long and challenging. “It took me and my partner so long to build our rocket, and make it the way we wanted it to be,” Josh McWilliams said.

There are a lot of steps to making a rocket. “You have to make a blueprint first, and then you will need to get the cardboard for wings or whatever you want to put on it. You then need to test it, and make adjustments to make it go farther, and that can sometimes be completely restarting. It is a lot of work,” Bella Vartanian said. 

Making pieces for the rocket can be one of the hardest tasks when it comes to the rockets. “It took me and my group a long time to get the perfect cardboard pieces for our rocket. We spent like two class periods cutting out the pieces, and applying them to the rocket. It was a challenge, but it feels good to be done with it,” Wyatt Besant said. 

It is a new project for the science teachers. “This is the second time we are doing the project. We did it last year,” Forrest Williams said.

It has been a long, challenging, fun project for the 8th graders, and it is all coming to an end this Friday.