Battle of the Books Returns


Riley Oliver-Hay, Staff

Battle of the Books is returning to Sierra this spring with 10 new titles and new teams. The teams will start practicing and will eventually go to battle other schools.

There are 10 books that the teams are required to read before the first competition. These books are chosen by the district before the competition starts. They choose books according to their rating and if their reading level is close to the grades competing (7th or 8th grade). 

There is one Battle of the Books team at Sierra this year that consists of four 7th graders (one of which is me). The team will memorize the titles and authors of each book and what each book is about. After multiple practices, they will go to the Douglas County Library and battle against other schools. They will be asked questions about the books and they have to guess which book the judge is referring to.

“We read 10 books and memorize their title and author and then we battle in a trivia-style competition against other schools,” said Henry Meilstrup. He also said that if the other team gets the question wrong, your team can steal the question. If you get the answer wrong and you feel the right answer is your answer, your team can challenge the judge. When you do this, you have limited time to find evidence from the book.

Later this school year, the Sierra team will battle against Rocky Heights Middle School, Castle Rock Middle School, Cimarron Middle School, and more. You can come to watch the teams battle against other Douglas County middle schools in May. Most of the competition will be at Rocky Heights.