Animal Science Project

Nolan Jansen, Staff

In science, there is a project about animals and their body, history, diet, and environment.  Each team member will choose one category. Once they have the information about their animal they have to adapt it to a random environment that their teacher gives them. These environments are totally different from where the animal lives and it will be hard for the teams to make the animal adapt. 

The animal will have to adapt to different food, and shelter choices. The animals also might have to change how it obtains water.  Each team member will do one of the boxes and adapt that part of the animal. Each group will make an online poster and present it to the class. Because of Covid 19 and the chance of school shutting down the posters must be done online just in case if the school is shut down again. 

Each group will present in front of the class and show how their animal has evolved and changed from how it used to be. This is how the project will be graded besides the teacher looking at the work. Also, each student will be graded as a group. Each student will present what they researched. 

The animal science project will be one of the last science grades in the semester and will be a great way to end the school year for science.