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Minimum Wage Increase Good For Colorado

Jeremy Taboada, Staff

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 In Colorado a recent vote decided that the minimum wage would be increased to 15$ an hour by 2020 to help low income families.  This is in the best interest of our families because it will allow families to better provide to their family.   

Small business owners are saying after the vote was passed they will no longer be able to pay as many employees and need to fire people.

Statistics show that the price increase won’t interfere with businesses because the payments with increase slowly starting in 2017 by .90 cents a year until 2020.  


This increase was passed to decrease the amount of poverty. The new minimum wage could  raise $17,284$ a year and 332$ a week after the change and can sustain a family of three if 2/3 are working.

David Hausman,the owner of Hausman Insurance Agency in bluebell says that the minimum wage will result in positive growth for local businesses like mine that money would allow a worker to buy goods for their family that includes protecting family’s futures.

This change is good for Colorado because it will lower poverty, better small business growth and give children a more secured future.

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Minimum Wage Increase Good For Colorado