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Making school more enjoyable

Khayla Minty, Staff

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To make students want to come to school more teachers and staff should make school more enjoyable. Students should be looking forward to going to school instead of dreading it.

Making things such as classes and activities more fun would be the first step to making school more enjoyable. Not having to sit through long classes and being able to get up and move would be exciting. It will also have a positive impact on students moods towards school.

Teaching can be done in a fun way. Researchers say there are better ways to teach school rather than just speaking out to a class. Having students be apart of the lesson, such as performing little skits for social studies, or experimenting with science would be a fun hands on way to learn.

Being able to socialize more in class would be something that would please students. Not having strict seating charts and being able to sit with people that you feel comfortable can automatically make students excited to come to class. It would give kids a chance to see their friends and collaborate with them if it comes to working with your group.    

Taking more field trips and getting to go somewhere outside the school more would be fun. Just getting to you know…unwind would be great, said Reese Sobczyk. We would get to explore different things and not have to sit in classrooms for hours. Sometimes field trips don’t even seem like school work it seems like a fun activity that we get to do with friends.

Getting to celebrate more for things like good behavior, or completed semesters would be something students would look forward. Having parties with snacks or getting to watch movies would make students more excited to go to school that day. It would be a nice reward that would make students feel good and want to work hard for another party.  

Having free time more often during classes is something students would like to have more access to. It would allow us to take a break from doing whatever assignment we are working on during class. This will give us a chance to clear are heads and regroup for the next lesson.

Doing all of these things would make students not dread coming to school. This might make some kids excited about getting to go to school. Making all of these improvements to schools will have a positive impact on kids.

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Making school more enjoyable