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Bringing back homeroom

Maddie Cowles, Staff

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Students are complaining that they’re getting too much homework and don’t have time to get it done. That is causing their grade to go down due to the inconvenient time. Which could be solved by incorporating homeroom back into the schedule.

By bringing back homeroom students can take time to get homework done to the best of their ability. Here are some thoughts why we should bring back homeroom and what we would use it for. Mykayla Tucker “I’d bring back homeroom because it was actually useful. I use it for homework, work that is due that day, and projects that I have to get done.”

According to education week here are their thoughts about homeroom. “ They find students missing lunch or not eating due to the pressure and stress that’s put on them trying to finish their homework.”

In conclusion, schools should bring back homeroom because it will improve student’s grades and bring up their missing assignments.

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Bringing back homeroom