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Students at SMS are not Involved

Suraya Asfar, News Editor

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Students at Sierra are not participating in events and activities at school. Students lack pride in their school therefore making things like Spirit Week, dances, and Wish Week difficult.

Sierra students are separated by teams, grades and cliques, but needs to be viewed as equal.  For example, the student body at Chaparral call themselves “Chap Fam”. This shows that the kids are proud of their school and are a unit. Sierra needs something like that to pull together the students.

Kids at Sierra also don’t participate in Spirit week, after school activities, and don’t come to sports games as much as they should. Students need to encourage each other in a positive environment rather than be negative and blow off school spirit. Not only will this help students become closer, but it will give kids a want to be involved if they are having fun.

Students complain about how much they hate coming to school. Having fun, involved spirit weeks and events at the school would make students experience at Sierra that much better. Some students think that if they participate in these events it makes them “uncool”. This perception was a result of what little amount of people actually participate in these activities.

Although, part of the reason that students do not participate in activities at school is because the events that are hosted are not as entertaining as students would like. The better the event, the more students participate. The student council at Sierra should get ideas from students on spirit ideas that students would like to be apart of.

The more people that participate in school spirit; the more connected we become, the more fun we have as a whole, and the more enjoyable school becomes.  

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Students at SMS are not Involved