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There Should Be Better Enrichment Choices

Brie Murphy, Staff

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On Wednesdays and Thursdays students have enrichment. I think that there are not enough good enrichment options.

When signing up for enrichment you have to choose your top 5 choices. Many students don’t get both of their top 2 choices. A student will probably get one of their top two choices but them will get their 4th or 5th choice.

“Students tend to pick enrichments that allow them to be physically active,” Brent Sheffield said.

Teachers should have more than one enrichment classes for the popular enrichments and get rid of the least popular enrichments. Basketball is one of the most popular enrichment options. There are 3 beginning basketball classes but only two advance basketball classes. I think that there should be 4 of each class so more kids can get their top choices.

“I only got my 1st choice enrichment, and I got my 5th choice. The only reason I got my 1st choice was because it was Sources of Strength,”  Kassie Elliott said.

Students should also be allowed to suggest enrichment choices. Most students don’t sign up to do Zumba/Aerobics. Students want to talk with their friends and have snacks. So if students had a choice for enrichment students would have more fun.

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There Should Be Better Enrichment Choices