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Student Hygiene at Sierra

Tyler Airozo, Staff

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Students at Sierra Middle School are not taking care of their personal hygiene. They are not wearing deodorant, taking showers, cleaning themselves, and overall just not taking care of their body.

Many boys and girls do clean and bathe themselves regularly but, will either wear the same clothes, not put on deodorant, not wash their hair, or not brush your teeth. There are many possibilities where you could have a poor hygiene you just have to learn how to take better care of it.

Parents will allow their children to just walk out of the house smelling like they haven’t showered in several days. Parents and students need to be way more aware of how they are cleaning themselves, especially as we are moving into the hotter weather and older ages.

I asked some students in sierra how they feel about student hygiene at our school. According to student Arianna May, “Not all students feel the need to make sure their hygiene is always taken care of. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on work when you have filthy student next to you.”

I also asked student Maggie Weeks how she takes care of her own hygiene. “To help my own hygiene I brush my teeth twice a day, shower daily, and wear deodorant daily with reapplication.” Said Weeks.

Boys and girls seriously need to fix this issue. Especially if it’s affecting students education. Students definitely need to start at least taking showers every day and start making it a habit of doing all the other little things. Teachers should also be in on this and take effect on dirty students when they clearly know that their student smells like straight up B.O.

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Student Hygiene at Sierra