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Hailey Toth, EIC

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Safe2tell is a program for submitting anonymous tips by parents, students, and the community to report concerns to your safety and the safety of others. Recently, students have been complaining that Safe2tell is being used in the wrong ways.

Anyone in our community can report tips involving threats, planned parties, any form of bullying, alcohol, drugs, abuse, stalking, cheating, and multiple other reasons. Students have been using it for extended reasons.

Safe2tell is an easy way for people to snitch on other people because there’s no proof that you did it. I think a lot of it’s based on jealousy. They should have to have a legit system like you can’t just call in, you have to have proof that it’s actually going on, or a picture. Saving would be if someone is suicidal, but snitching would be if you were at a party and someone wasn’t invited to the party or got kicked out and they’re mad so they Safe2tell it,¨ said Cole Timmons, team Hawk.

Safe2Tell calls, depending on what the reports are, can range from just a counselor or officer talking to you and your parents, or law enforcement being called. All calls are required to be taken seriously, fake or not.

¨I always recommend kids to use it if they have a bad gut feeling about any of their friends or adults maybe they suspect somebody’s getting hurt at home like parents are abusing them physically, emotionally, verbally, whatever it might be. Anything that involves your concern safety and another human-being is appropriate.

Gourley says she does not know how they would fix the problems involving Safe2tell and claims there are not as much reports that are fake than the ones that are real.

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Safe2tell Reports