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Advanced Classes

Brie Murphy, Staff

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Advance classes are a privilege to be in. There is already advanced math classes and advance language arts, but now there will be advance science and social studies.

In 7th grade advanced language arts class does everything the other classes do but have deeper conversations. They also do an utopian unit, there is an advanced L.A. on every team. In the 8th grade advanced language arts class you go more in depth.

In the 7th grade advanced math classes you learn about algebraic expressions. Proportions, and linear equations. In Algebra 1 you learn about exponential growth and decay, slope, parabolas, and quadratic equations. There are two Algebra teachers Mr. Ahrens, and Mr. Maupin. In geometry some of the things you learn about are, the 5 platonic solids, displacement and density, and volume of a sphere.

There are now going to be advanced social studies and advanced science.

In advanced social studies you do “More in depth analysis and using primary sources. More independent work and research and projects.” Maria Novilla, team Telluride Social Studies, teacher said.

In the advance science classes you do more in depth science experiences Michael Lechuga said.        

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Advanced Classes