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Student Behavior on the Bus

Avery Shankles, Staff

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Student behavior on the bus can determine if students get home safely and on time. According to the Amalgamated Transit Union, 55% of K-12 students ride the bus.


However, there have been countless reports of students misbehaving while on the way home and to school. This puts the students, bus driver, and other cars at risk. It is an issue at Sierra Middle School.


“Our bus driver constantly has to tell the people in the back of the bus to sit down and be quiet. I’m in bus 159.” says Jade Miracle.


Having ridden on bus 160 this year, there have been plenty of problems. The last bus driver was named Bruce, and rumor has it he’s on another bus route. He switched because of an incident involving driving our bus back to school because of misbehavior. Many students and parents were very upset about this.


With 160’s new bus driver, there are still problems, but they aren’t as bad. Students chant inappropriate things and scream a lot. They also switch seats and get up while the bus is moving. All of these problems are common among most buses, if not all.


There are plenty of methods on how to manage students on the bus. Some include seat belts, switching seats, and more. John Farr, director of transportation at Oceanside Unified School District thinks simply getting into contact with the parents is a good method.


“You ask for help, using those words: ‘I need your help. Your child is causing some small problems on the bus. Before I go to suspension or more serious measures, I thought you could help me with this.” says Farr.


Students in some places have become violent. The most common case for suspension is students bringing weapons onto the school bus, according to ABC2 News.
“We can’t restrain them. We can’t touch them, so what we can really do? They can really take the bus over. Nothing we can really do about it. You pull over, call the police. That’s all we can do.” says Craig Joyner, a bus driver in Baltimore city.

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Student Behavior on the Bus