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Sierra’s Homework Policy is Being Violated by Teachers

Noah Hughes

Noah Hughes

Suraya Asfar & Noah Hughes, Editor and Staff Member

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Sierra Middle School’s homework policy is not being followed by teachers in the building.

First of all, it is clearly demonstrated by Sierra teachers that they are aware of the homework policy. Teachers are also aware that they are not following it as shown in last week’s story, “Sierra Middle School’s Homework policy.”

Sierra’s homework policy states that no class can assign more than ten minutes of homework per night and no more than a total of 50 minutes a team. Elective classes can also assign ten minutes a night.

Students that have been interviewed in the past have all stated that they do not receive the allowed amount of homework as shown in the homework policy feature story.

“I have math and language arts homework almost every night. I have about 15 to 30 minutes of math and around 30 to 45 minutes of language arts homework a night,” said Jace Stubbs, an 8th grader on Team Hawk.

Teachers are well aware that they are violating the written policy as shown by Phoenix Social Studies teacher, Amanda Grosskrueger. “Make sure you don’t say more than ten minutes,” Grosskrueger said during an interview with Phoenix teachers and Summit staff about the amount of homework that they assign.

The policy has not been updated this year at all. This is shown by the fact that each team should assign 50 minutes of homework total (10 minutes per class), but there are six core classes for eighth graders this year. This is yet another problem with the school for showing a lack of concern.

Sierra principal, Darrell Meredith could have three possible viewpoints of the SMS homework policy: Meredith could have knowledge of the policy and be under the impression that it is being followed, he could know about the policy and be aware that it’s not being followed and is not doing anything about it, or lastly, he could not even be aware of the policy as a whole.

Any of the possible scenarios still indicate a fault on the administration’s behalf. This shows that the school’s policies are still flying under the radar as far as priority goes.

The Sierra Middle School homework policy is clearly not being followed, and that needs to be changed. The administration needs to review the policy and make sure that the school is following it.

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Sierra’s Homework Policy is Being Violated by Teachers