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Gun Safety Should be Implemented in Middle Schools

Josh Hoekendorf, Editor In Chief

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Over five hundred and fifty school firearm incidents have happened since August 1st, 2016. Just about two thirds of United States schools have lock in place drills for active shooter situations. Allowing teachers to carry firearms would protect the students in a school shooter event. As well bringing firearms to the school to teach students about how guns work, and learn to respect them more would widen the awareness of firearms in schools.

Craver Middle School in Colorado City, Colorado adopted a gun safety program and has been going through it for the past four years. Project Appleseed ran by volunteers of the program and the NRA is to teach middle school students respect for the firearms and how to safely handle them in a manner that doesn’t put anyone else in danger.  

I have a lot of experience with firearms and i’m in contact with them just about every day. I was taught by 2 firearms instructors, one being the head firearms instructor for Denver Police Department. I’ve also been a Range Safety officer for several shooting tournaments in Colorado.  

“You should never be afraid guns, never, ever,” student Tristin Baker from Craver Middle School said, “ You should have confidence around the guns, you should say, ‘this is a gun, we’ve gotta be careful with this” (Lena Howland, KOAA).

If firearm safety is taught at schools then students will have a greater respect for these weapons. This will teach them how to treat firearms, and not to be afraid of them.

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Gun Safety Should be Implemented in Middle Schools