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The Dress Code is too Broad

Avery Shankles, Editor

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In the code of conduct, found on Sierra’s website, it states all of the rules of the school. It has about ninety-six pages.

Dress code is on page twenty-two. It says that you must wear footwear, and can only wear athletic clothes in gym.

It also says, “Dress that causes or is likely to cause disruption of the educational process is Prohibited.”

Costumes and extremely distracting clothing are examples, but still, this statement isn’t really clear. It doesn’t give specific examples, just a guideline.

“Wearing apparel that interferes with or endangers the student while he/she is participating in classroom or other school-sponsored activities is prohibited. The decision as to the safety or unsuitability of the clothing is a matter for the instructor’s or school administrator’s judgment.”

Safety is another rule of dress code. It states clothing shouldn’t put students in danger.

Clothes don’t put students in danger, though. Other people are the ones who do. So by wearing an off the shoulder top or even a tank top, the student isn’t the one who caused any incidents to happen.

The other rule about disruption also isn’t very clear. It doesn’t state specific rules, like for skirts and shorts.

The dress code for school is very broad. Nothing is explained, and for that reason, staff can yell at students for basically anything, and what they say will go along with the rules.



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The Dress Code is too Broad