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Chloe Savacool, Staff

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Students at Sierra Middle School need to start recycling more. You can help by recycling plastic and paper more often during lunch and in class instead of throwing them away.

Recycling will help to create cleaner air which will save our planet because the carbon gases released from trash create holes in our Ozone, and is causing global warming which is causing our seas to rise.

“I think recycling is really important because it makes the Earth clean, and the air cleaner,” said Lizzy Ahrens.

You can also help recycle by composting. Composting is just like recycling, but instead it is recycling food instead of paper and plastic. Composting also helps eliminate unneeded leftovers, and has more nutrients for the ground than regular soil. 

“I think that’s really cool because it’s good for the environment. And we can grow more trees and plants,” said Jaden Martinson when asked about composting.

In the ocean there is a pile of floating trash the size of Texas. This is just one example of what recycling could solve. If we would just recycle more we could easily have downsized that pile by 75%. There is also an island where everyday people wake up to see trash. The whole island is covered in trash which they have to sort through, and once again if people would have recycled more, than we could have reduced the amount of trash on the island by over 60%. So do your part and recycle.

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