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Is group work good or bad?

Andrew Janeczek and Preston Holt, Staff

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Group work is often used in class at Sierra Middle school.  Groups usually consist of 3-5 group members. Many students are wondering if group work is good or bad.

Some of the down sides to group work is unequal participation. Some of the group members will slack off while others work hard and the slackers get an unearned grade. This causes bitterness between group members. If everyone in the group does their share of work, the work does not always match up with themes of everyone’s work. Often people who don’t find a group because they don’t do anything are then thrown into groups of people who do their work. The person who doesn’t work distracts everyone else and the group doesn’t get a good grade because someone joined their group. When working in groups everything takes loungers and a simple decision can take several minutes to decide.

Michael Lechuga said, ”True group work implies that each person is contributing according to their abilities, and in a somewhat equal manner. Most group work does not reach this ideal.”

My personal opinion is that group work is helpful. Group work is a good way to meet new people and get work done. If you have people that you trust will do equal work it is normally very successful. More brains on the project cause for easier work on everyone. When there are more people on one project there is multiple creative minds doing work it makes for better quotes, ideas and paragraphs. Rebeca Allums said “Both are beneficial for learning,’’It depends on what you are doing.”

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Is group work good or bad?