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The PACER Should be Taken More Often

Chloe Savacool, Staff

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Sierra students should have to do the PACER more often because it increases their fitness levels. This improves their school work because their blood is circulating faster. This will make their lives better in the long run by increasing their energy level which will change how people feel about them. Their amount of relationships will increase, and their levels of succeeding later in life will also.

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“Fitness is one of the best indicators of a person’s overall health, and a high fitness reduces the risk for major chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, and diabetes,” said Niall Moyna in an article by The Journal.

According to the National Parent Center on Transition and Employment, the PACER builds self determination which lets you control your destiny by making your own choices through your actions and words. Also, students feel encouraged when they are active around their peers and it allows them to build up relationships with people that run with them by persuading each other to keep going.

“Each of the test items were selected to assess important aspects of a student’s health related fitness, not skill or agility. Students are compared not to each other, but to health fitness standards,” the Fitnessgram website said.

According to the PACER manual, the PACER is a running test designed to measure students endurance. Students will run on the beep and make it to the next line before the next beep, running a 20 meter distance each time. They will repeat this process as the beeps continue to get faster and faster until they cannot run any more. Students will take this test three times a year, and try and improve the amount of laps they run each time.

“It is no secret that students need daily physical activity to support healthy growth and cognitive development. It is vital that we continue to build an active school environment that supports daily physical activity, quality physical education, recess and sports participation,” said The Cooper Institute.

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The PACER Should be Taken More Often