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Teens Spend Too Much Time On Social Media

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Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

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In the past couple of years, social media use has grown immensely and teens are becoming addicted to their screens. Though these platforms allow teens to socialize with their friends and have the ability to be creative, the negative impacts are apparent in surveys and studies.

Many teens who use social media are often pressured by their peers and online friends to experiment negatively. Recent studies have shown that online friendships have led to negative behaviors offline including bullying and clique forming. According to AAP News and Journals, social media also leads to cyberbullying and privacy issues.

Constant social media use can also lead to internet addiction and sleep deprivation. This can often cause grades to drop because they are spending more times on social media rather than spending time working on homework and class assignments.

According to studies done by PEW Research Center, 9 in 10 teens agree that oversharing is an issue on social media. Oversharing is when someone posts too frequently or posts too much information about their daily lives that aren’t necessary to post.

Posts on social media also cause teens to become jealous of others’ lives and compare themselves to others. They are always being shown the events that they may not have been invited to, which can lead to jealousy and anger. Often, what teens forget when they are on social media is that people only show the best side of their lives within their posts.

Presence on social media can also be stressful to teens now. They are often pressured to make content frequently that people will also enjoy to see and know about. Drama is also created online quite often. In fact, 68% of teens have said that they have seen others getting involved on drama online.

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Teens Spend Too Much Time On Social Media