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Sierra Wifi Needs to Block All Social Media

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Hayley Withrow, Staff

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While on the Sierra wifi, you aren’t allowed to go on Snap Chat, but you are allowed to go on Instagram. It should block all social media because of all the cyber bullying that happens on those apps.

According to, cyber bullying can make grades drop, and kids can become depressed. They are also more likely to skip, dropout, and miss school. As of July 2017, Instagram became the worst app for cyber bullying, topping Facebook. Kids being cyber bullied also are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, according to Touro University Worldwide.

ABC news released a statement saying that 1 in every 10 students has been cyber bullied. If we block all social media while on Sierra wifi, the effects of cyber bullying will be reduced. Yes, cyber bullying can still go on outside of school, but knowing that the students can’t see it during class, bullies will not feel the need to be so mean. To prevent students going off wifi and cyber bullying, it should be required that students log on to the wifi during the day.

In middle school and high school, children are more likely to become depressed, and blocking social media can help prevent the depression that comes with it. Kids may respond angrily at first, but the good long time effects are worth it. This really could help all the depression that goes on because of bullying.

It is so important that Sierra blocks all social media to prevent cyber bullying and the effects that happen with it. If Sierra does this, than the amount of people depressed will decrease, and students will be better at school, and get better grades. Sierra needs to do this.

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Sierra Wifi Needs to Block All Social Media