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Students Need to Stop Gossiping

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Chloe Savacool, Staff

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Over the years, studies have shown a large growth in the amount of people that gossip, especially at school with their own peers. According to the Yoga Journal and Google Sites, you can stop bullying at school by becoming more aware of what others are saying, and by having the teachers create a gossip free space by being a role model for students. Also, you need to know when to stop gossiping and when to continue talking positively about others.

“Some kinds of gossip help grease the wheels of human interaction and contribute to human delight. Other types of gossip are more like junk food for the mind,” said Yoga Journal.

Everyone has been on either side of the spectrum. Either gossiping about others, or being gossiped about by others. And everyone knows how painful it is to have one of your secrets shared, and even how terrible it feels when you talk about someone behind their backs.

“Not only is it embarrassing and awkward for you, but you usually will end up looking like the bad person for spreading gossip or rumors. Furthermore, people won’t want to associate themselves with you if you’re someone who has a reputation of being a gossiper or someone who is fake,” said the Social Diary.

Students should not completely get rid of it because sometimes gossiping can result in something positive like how nice a person is. Gossiping also creates a more interesting conversation between two people, or a group of people. So, know when to share and when to keep the gossip to yourself and we can make school and home life more enjoyable for students together.

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Students Need to Stop Gossiping