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Keeping kids home sick

Madison Snoddy, staff

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Heather Bellovary, our school nurse, sent a newsletter on the symptoms and when you should keep your kid home sick.

Parents are sending their kids to school sick and when they touch anything they spread whatever germs they have. Parents should notify the school when they are sick and they should give the office emergency contact.

“I feel like the email was necessary because so many kids are out sick and it’s good for the nurse to know what illnesses are making people so sick,” Hayley Withrow said.

Making arrangement with friends or relatives to take care or pick up a sick child is recommended if you are unable to. So many kids are coming to school and saying they are fine when they are really sick and should be staying home where they can rest and come to school when they have been are medicine for 24 hours.

Heather Bellovary said, the newsletter was just an information letter it is not supposed to scare parents or kids.


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Keeping kids home sick