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Sierra Should Have More Electives

Brooks Wiley, Staff

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As you know, all middle school students have to take all the core classes including math, social studies, language arts, science and P.E./health. But, Sierra has elective classes too. Some classes here at Sierra include Electronic Publishing and Family and Consumer Studies (FACS). Sierra students don’t all like Sierra’s choices of electives. Every year students fill out a form online to pick what electives they want to do every year. This can be hard for incoming 7th graders.

Students all want to have more electives at Sierra. More electives would bring more variety in our school. If electives are supposed to be a fun way to bring education, then why doesn’t Sierra have more choices?

Many high school’s have a lot of elective choices for their students. This could be due to the amount of students that attend a high school. Some high school’s can have 4,000 students and that can lead to more classes because of more people. The problem is, Sierra only has about 850 students.

The question is, if we add more classes to Sierra, will we need to have less students in each class? As of now, all of the students in Sierra fit perfectly into each of the elective classes. But, is 38 in a class too much? If we would bring in 5 more elective classes to the school it would bring the time spent in class down.

If Sierra can bring more electives to the school, people would enjoy the new variety of classes in their school. If Sierra can’t bring more electives, then they should change some of the electives into other ones so they don’t have to bring in more teachers to teach the electives.


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Sierra Should Have More Electives