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Benefits of Standardized Testing

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Benefits of Standardized Testing

Brie Murphy

Brie Murphy

Brie Murphy

Brie Murphy and Lizzy Ahrens

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While no one likes to do standardized testing, it has some benefits. Standardized testing is needed for many reasons and the tests will help the school, community, and students.

It can prepare you for the SAT and ACT in highschool, and doing CMAS will help you so that you are ready to take those tests in high school. If a student is more familiar with testing, it is most likely that they will score better than someone with no experience. Also, several careers give standardized tests that tell whether or not someone is ready to take on a certain job.

Another pro of testing is that it makes sure teachers are doing their job and teaching what students need to know. These tests can greatly benefit students because their scores can alert teachers if a student is behind and can help change how or what is taught in class. Which will ensure that teachers are doing thier jobs.

“Standardized testing holds teachers and schools accountable. Probably the greatest benefit of standardized testing is that teachers and schools are responsible for teaching students what they are required to know for the standardized tests,” Columbia State University said.

Testing is boring and no one likes it, but practice does make perfect. You practice for lockouts by doing drills and they help you a lot. This applies to standardized testing too, practicing will help you.

Later in life you will have to do standardized testing and you can’t opt out. Taking Standardized tests will help you practice for all the tests you have to do and can’t opt out of.

A strong performance on standardized tests also helps students convince colleges that they are ready for the challenge,” Collegeboard said in their article on Testing.

Many people believe that these tests are too stressful, don’t benefit students, or take away too much teaching time, but there are actually positives to these things. If these tests stress out students, it can help them learn at a young age how to properly handle and work with stress, which is an important life skill. While standardized is really boring and no one likes to do, it does have a lot of benefits and will help you in the long run. 


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Benefits of Standardized Testing