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Teachers give out too many packets

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Teachers give out too many packets

Alex Heckle, editor

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Many teachers give out packets and then sit at their desks, occasionally helping students.

A lot of kids can’t learn by doing a packet, they have to do something more interactive, like an activity.

“It makes me have anxiety because they don’t teach us and I have to ask them a lot of questions,” Annika Ross said.

So many kids don’t even do the packets, they just sit at their desks doing nothing, if you do an activity kids will be more interested and they will participate.

Ten to Twenty page packets don’t help kids understand what they are supposed to be doing, it is a lot of filling in things from a website or another packet.

Teachers should stop giving their students packets and they should actually teach their students, giving out work and not teaching them what they are doing is setting them up for failure, kids would much rather listen to the teacher talk about what they are doing than reading about it.

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Teachers give out too many packets