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Sierra Needs Longer Passing Periods

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Sierra Needs Longer Passing Periods

Brooks Wiley, Staff

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Sierra students only get 4 minutes to get from one class to another. They don’t even get time to go to the bathroom or socialize with their friends. Students always want to take a long break after they just took a 55 minute class. If students need to talk with their teachers for some extra help they can not do that because the time is so short in between periods.

“We need longer passing periods because I want to play on my phone and not focus too much on getting to the next class,” Tanner Westenskow said.

Many teachers will hold students back from class to talk about what they did wrong and some teachers mark kids tardy for being just a few seconds late to class, and that can really mess up your attendance. A lot of students want to go to a good college but can’t because of attendance issues in earlier grades of school.

Having longer passing periods will solve the problem of students being late or tardy to their classes. If this rule is applied student will finally get to talk with their friends before class. Sierra students will also be able to go to the bathroom without rushing or forgetting to wash their hands. They get to take a break from learning for a long time. A lot of teachers say you should go to the bathroom at lunch but sometimes you can’t hold it.

“I want longer passing periods because I don’t want to go to class,” Reed Carter said.

To bring everything together, students only get 4 minutes to switch between classes. It is not enough for Sierra students in between classes. Even though Sierra wants to keep students accountable for getting to class on time without messing around in the halls, in would be very nice to have longer passing periods.


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2 Responses to “Sierra Needs Longer Passing Periods”

  1. Georgia on November 4th, 2018 1:46 pm

    I agree. I have to go all the way from room 514 to room 704 for 7th period. I make it on time with only a few seconds to spare. If I have to use the bathroom or talk to a teacher first, I won’t make it on time, and many students know that Mr. Palmer gives no mercy to people who don’t have a pass!

  2. random on February 7th, 2019 10:02 am

    that is so true some kids can’t be rushed i have to run to class from the gym witch is 6 mins away and i have 5 mins to get there

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Sierra Needs Longer Passing Periods