Stop Bullying At School

Chloe Savacool, Staff

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Over the years bullying has proven to be a big problem at schools. According to the Anti Bullying Institute, 1 in 7 students have been bullied, and 6 out of 10 students witness bullying every single day. We need to do something about this problem and soon.

“Bullying has serious, adverse educational effects, and students who are targets often experience extreme stress that can lead to symptoms of physical illness and a diminished ability to learn,” said the National Education Association.

According to Kid Power and Psychology Today, you can prevent bullying by being persistent with what you say to the bully, learn about bullying, discussing, going to counselors, and having support systems.

According to the Human Rights Commission, you have the right to feel safe, and to be treated fairly and respectfully. When you are bullied, this right is being violated because they are usually making you feel unsure of what they will do next, and how far they will take the bullying. Also, you are not treated fairly and respectfully because the bully is making you feel insecure and helpless.

“You have the right to be treated with safety and respect, and the responsibility to act safely and respectfully towards yourself and others,” said Kid Power.

You need to stop bullying before it gets out of hand because everyday people all around the world are affected by this situation. Let’s stop this at the source together.

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