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Students Should Wear Their IDs

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Students Should Wear Their IDs

Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

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Students at Sierra  should be required to wear their student IDs at all times when they are on campus. They can be helpful to enforce better school security, identify students, and keep students accountable.

Several schools are working on getting their building to be a safer environment by requiring students to wear their IDs on campus. Often times the policy states that students must wear their IDs on a lanyard around their neck. This can help make schools safer for several reasons. First, it ensures that only people who are supposed to be in the building are, and others are not. Second, in emergency situations, it helps emergency personnel know immediately who belongs and who does not. Last, student badges make it much easier for everyone to distinguish the difference between students and visitors.

“Since Columbine, an effort to enhance school safety and security has been a priority for many schools, which has only increased since the Newton school shootings,” 1 Source Security said in their article about student badges.

Student IDs can also be used for several day to day operations, so having students wear them would prevent them from losing them. This not only makes buying lunch, getting on busses, and getting into school events easier, but it teaches students how to navigate society with an ID and gives them responsibility.

“Keeping track of their ID badge and protecting the information it contains are among the first lessons a student learns,” PBIS said in their article about the benefits of student ID badges.

Several students in schools which enforce a policy of wearing IDs say that the stress of being punished for not wearing it at all times is too much for them to handle, but stressful situations should be something that students should learn how to deal with in life. Also, the possibility of having a stranger in the school without anyone’s knowledge can be even more stressful.

Student IDs have several benefits if students are required to wear them. They can help keep the school safe and help adults identify students quickly if the need arises.

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Students Should Wear Their IDs