“Colorado Gives”, Parker Gives, How Does Sierra Give?

Kayla Stutz, Staff

Sierra needs to participate in more fundraisers for charity. If you are on the mailing list for Sierra’s weekly newsletters, then you probably got an email this week about how our rival schools like Cimmaron and Sagewood, are doing great things like fundraisers, food drives, and giving essential items to people in need. When was the last time Sierra was on the list of active philanthropic school groups?

Kayla Stutz
A screenshot of the email sent out to DCSD families with info about different schools conducting fundraisers for Thanksgiving.

Although there are many small deeds trying to be done around Sierra, the school needs to strive to help out the Parker community. All through our sports games and school landscapes, the community helps us with funds to manage our school environment. Shouldn’t we support the community back to show them our thanks and appreciation


Recently, Sierra has done many events that required contribution from its students, but that money just goes right back to Sierra’s student council, therapy dog program, or unknown charities around the school. Instead of just creating a cycle of giving money to the school then spending it again, Sierra should give it to those in need around the Parker community.


“Sierra just doesn’t feel very included with the community and other than fundraisers, we (Sierra) doesn’t do anything for other parts of our community,” Georgia Gower said. Sierra does some fundraisers, but it shouldn’t be limited to just that, for there are many other ways to contribute to the community around us. For example, having non-school events, organizing open houses or curriculum nights, and using social media platforms to engage students with something they can relate to.

Helping the community also has its benefits for each individual person that contributes. According to ProjectHelping.org 76% of people said they felt healthier after volunteering, 94% said that they felt their mood improve after volunteering, and 95% said that they felt like they were helping make the community a better place. Sierra’s students need these benefits to create better students and a better environment around us.

Making a contribution to the community has its many benefits for everyone; the community itself, those around you, and every single person who volunteers including you. This is why Sierra needs to give back to the community that supports us and participate in local events and charities. And simply, because it’s the right thing to do.