Sierra Students Have Too Much Screen Time

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

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Students at Sierra have been spending too much time staring into a screen. Phones, computers, and tablets have worked their way into our everyday lives, but it’s not all a positive impact.

According to National Public Radio, staring for hours at a screen can affect our ability to recognize others’ emotions. The phones and computers in our everyday life have made us less social. Even though we think that we are social, texting our friends and posting on Social Medias such as Snapchat and Instagram, we really are not interacting with other people.

The average teen spends six hours a day on their cell phone, laptop, or watching television, and it has affected their grades. Stanford Web states that teens have been spending too much time posting about what they are doing on Social Media, and not enough time studying. Putting away all devices when doing homework, unless it is on a device, will help students at Sierra get better grades in work habits and in content knowledge.

After playing violent video games, such as Fortnight and Call of Duty, students have become more violent themselves, Psychology Today states. In games such as Fortnight and Call of Duty, it is encouraged to hurt and kill other human beings. Students should not be allowed to play these games, they are inappropriate for middle school students.

Instead of playing on devices or posting on Social Media, students should get outside and ride bikes or learn to play a sport. Spending more time with friends and family instead of texting them is much better for them. Parents could also limit their student’s screen time to just two hours a day. But students should take a break from all of their screens, there are more negative effects from technology than there are positive ones.