Students Are Happier With Pets

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

Students at Sierra are always looking for a new friend or something that can help them deal with stress. There is one simple solution to this growing crisis. Recent studies have shown that students that own pets are not only happier but also do better in school. states that students who own pets are completing their homework on time, and getting most of the answers right. Pets tend to make students happier, they are always energetic and wanting to be with you. Just the simple act of petting a pet’s fur, or watching them eat or run can bring their mood up.

Some may argue that they are too expensive, or that they have allergies and their pet choices are limited. However, there are so many pet choices, that they are bound to find at least one pet that suits them. Also, there are quite a few pets that don’t require much time, money or space. For instance, hermit crabs and goldfish are inexpensive and fairly easy to take care of. Other options include guinea pigs, ants, and budgerigars (a type of small parakeet).

Students who own pets also have a better relationship with their parents, The Washington Post reports. Most students who own pets have better relationships with not only their parents but friends and other family members as well. Pet-owning students are more relaxed than their peers that do not own pets, which makes it easier for them to focus on school work and homework. says that students who own dogs are often more active than those who don’t. All students should own pets, it would increase the chance of getting work done on time, better relationships, and everyone would be happier.