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Parents Should Be Monitoring Their Kid’s Schoolwork

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Parents Should Be Monitoring Their Kid’s Schoolwork

Brooke Hudosn, Staff

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It’s becoming more and more normal for kids to skip out on homework and have missing assignments. Some of it is because kids playing videos games, watching youtube, or have too many after school activities. For whatever reason it is parents need to be monitoring their kids school work and here is why;

A study by the U.S Department Of Education gave parents a few tips on how to monitor your child’s schoolwork. Here are a few; Ask about your school’s homework policy and see if there any any rules or guidelines. Be available to help them out with homework or see what they’re up too. And they can also look over completed assignments that their child has completed.

Some parents also don’t know how to say “no” or put a guideline on their kids. When it comes to anything.  A survey by Education World says that they interviewed parents who monitor their kids schoolwork and one parent said “ I love to feel connected to my child and see what is going on at school.”

When parents monitor their kids work it could lead to less missing assignments and your kids health. Because the kids could feel less stressed or not stay up as late. Because I know some kids at Sierra who stay up late playing video games then they realize they still have to do homework.

But, parents also need to not get into there school life too much because that could lead to other problems too. But, overall parents should monitor their kid’s schoolwork for a lot of benefits.


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Parents Should Be Monitoring Their Kid’s Schoolwork