The Bird Box Challenge Needs To Stop

Georgia Moran, Staff

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Ever since the hit horror movie “Bird Box” came out on Netflix, there has been a dangerous challenge going around the internet called the Bird Box challenge. In this challenge, people put blindfolds on and try to do everyday tasks. People are getting seriously hurt by doing this and it needs to stop.


What started off as a fun challenge soon turned dangerous, possibly life-threatening. At first, people were just trying to walk around their house blindfolded. But the tasks soon started getting more complicated. People are doing things like riding their bikes or hoverboards. Now this is where the life-threatening part comes in. A woman uploaded a video on YouTube of her driving with her hat over her head, and of course, she crashed and almost killed someone. Parents are even putting blindfolds on their toddlers and expecting them to be able walk around their house.


Thankfully, YouTube has banned this awful challenge and they are making a strong attempt to take down any video that shows people doing the challenge. With that in mind, if you have any concern for your own safety, please don’t feel pressured to do any of this, even if your friends try to convince you. And if you see anyone doing this, attempt to stop them immediately.