The Cost of After School Activities Should be Lowered

Brandon Oster-Wickstrom, Editor

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After school activities are a huge part of middle school, and can really enrich a student’s experience at school. These activities are very important, but some kids from lower income families aren’t supplied with the opportunity to enjoy these activities due to the large fee needed to participate. I believe that the cost of extra curricular activities should be lowered to give students at Sierra an opportunity to experience them.

Reports from the NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) say that students that participate in after school activities achieve higher grades, have more motivation, experience less disciplinary issues, and are less likely to drop out of school.

All of that could be provided for those from lower income families, if they could afford them. Michigan Health says that one in four students from lower income families didn’t participate in any extra curricular activities due to the high costs. 27% of families with an income of $60,000 dollars or less say that they are unable to pay for these activities. Also, 12% of families making more than $60,000 say that price was also a problem.

An issue that can commonly be brought up by the public is how the clubs or other activities will be able to pay for these clubs without the high admission fee. Funding for these clubs can be covered in different ways such as more members and school funding. When the prices of clubs are lowered it provides more people with the opportunity to join, as then although the price is lower, more money is earned due to the high admission. As said by the NASSP, any program, no matter what it is, should have the majority of it paid for by the school and public funding.

After school activities are important due to the decreases in juvenile crime, the added connection to school, increase in self-esteem, and the positive social network that is provided. That is why I believe that the cost should be lowered to help those families from lower income provide their children with these opportunities.