Are Outside Sports Affecting Grades

Kayden B, Staff

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This kid it playing basketball at a young age to have fun.

Some parents in my opinion think that when there kids play sport they might get hurt or that they don’t want to because they think that it’s a waste of time. But from what I have read, doing sports is better for you at school and outside of school.

In my opinion I think that when I have some type of sport I do a lot better with being able to stay active and staying on top of school. Some may think that being able to do this would be pretty hard because you have practice right after school then you practice for a couple of hours then you do homework. And by the time you’re done it’s just about dark out.

According to they say that kids that play sports do 20% better in math and earn the top mark in math, and that when kids do sports they do better. From ages 8- 18 there was a lot stronger link to being able to do better on standardized testing. And even when kids play sports their self esteem which could help out later on, and it also helps you relieve some stress.

Right now I am playing sports for my school and when I play sports I feel that I am able to do a lot better at being able to get stuff done. The only thing that I don’t like is that I come home late and when I do I may be doing my homework till 5:30. Even though this might happen to me I feel that all kids should be able to play sports.

So when parents say that you shouldn’t play a sport, you tell them how much they can help you with school and other activities.