Best Albums for Teens

Georgia Moran, Staff

There’s new music constantly coming out, every single day. But sometimes, it can be hard for people to find music that they like. So what is some music that teens would love? These are the best albums for teens.


  1. Am I A Girl?- Poppy

Well, it’s easy to say that Poppy is a Chic Chick now that she put this album, “Am I A Girl?” out. Ever since she came out on YouTube in 2011, people have been wondering who or what she is. Is she an alien? A robot? Or even a girl? This album features exciting pop music, where she sings about what it’s like to be a girl, and that she is what she is. She proved to the haters once and for all that she is a girl, and she can be whatever she wants to be. But the rest of the questions remain unknown.


  1. Sweetener- Ariana Grande

This queen put out another album, Sweetener being her fourth one out. She worked on it for over two years, which is why it has 15 trap, pop, and R&B songs. Ariana just started off on Nickelodeon, playing the character Kat in the show “Victorious.” Even though she started off small, people started to love her singing and her music, so she soon got signed to a record label. “I like the album because she always shows empathy in her songs,” Isabel Ryan said. She was not afraid to share her true opinion and her beliefs in her songs, expressing things like God is a woman. Some of the songs in Sweetener are ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ and ‘get well soon.’ She emphasizes that there are some things we’ll never know the answer to.


  1. Narrated For You- Alec Benjamin

Narrated For You is an album that some fans say might be an album about Alec Benjamin’s real life experiences. The songs on this album are all different genres, making this interesting for all types of people to listen to. When asked in an interview what one word he would use to describe his album, he responded with, “Stories.” His debut song, ‘I Built a Friend’ went viral after Merrick Hanna danced to it on AGT in 2017, causing him to skyrocket to popularity. He has many meaningful quotes in his songs, such as, ‘The world’s not perfect, but it’s not that bad” and ‘I’m the boy in the bubble.” He can really make you think about real life.


  1. Okay Day- Evie Clair

Evie Clair is an less well-known artist who gained fame from being a finalist on AGT 2017. She mostly covers other songs, but she has a few originals like I Needed You, One Day, and 57 Seconds. Some of the songs she covered are Okay Day and Au Revoir. She made this album for her father who died of stage 4 colon cancer while she was on AGT. Evie wanted to give her father something to show that she still loves him and she knows he is watching over her. 57 Seconds is about her father’s life. Okay Day will make you realize that you need to appreciate what you have, because it could be gone in the blink of an eye.


  1. Pray For The Wicked- Panic! At The Disco

That’s right, the king of the clouds came back, and he came back strong. Pray For The Wicked includes so many amazing songs, such as Hey Look Ma, I Made It, Dancing’s not a Crime, and Say Amen (Saturday Night) that are sure to get your head bopping, showing that dancing really isn’t a crime. When you’re listening to this album, you’ll want to break out singing at the top of your lungs. “I love the music, and he’s a really good singer,” Ashley Deans said. It features Alternative/Indie music, along with Dying in LA, ending the album on a sad note. Brendon Urie put this out to prove that he made it, making this the number one album on the list. Say Amen to that!