Book Review on Crank

Lillie Smith, Staff

It’s no wonder why the book Crank by the author Ellen Hopkins is read by so many teenagers. There are many twists and turns in this book. This book is about a girl named Kristina she is the perfect daughter, she is quiet, no trouble. Until she meets her alter ego named “Bree”. However then she meets the monster called ‘Crank’ when she meets this drug her life begins to be the opposite of before and turns in to a struggle for her mind , her soul, and her life. This book taught me that drugs are bad and addictive. You learn a lot from this book however, it is very dramatic.

I rate this book a two and a half on a scale of one to five. I recommend this book to people who like books full of drama and twists. Adding on to that I recommend this book for readers of eighteen years old and older. This book contains bad language, drugs, drinking, and violence. I would not recommend this book for people who have a bad history with these actions. Also I recommend this book for people who like teen drama.

Adding on to that, I think that how the “Monster” makes her feel is rather revolting. I say this because the monster makes her feel confident but very scared.The main characters are: Kristina(Bree), Chase, Robyn, and Brendan, and there are many more exciting characters throughout the book. Also, this book is a fast read because of the free verse. This is a good book if you just wanna read a few chapters because of how short the chapters are.  

When Kristina meets the monster she is visiting her dad in another state. She also meets a guy named Adam. She knew she was only staying there for two weeks. Adam gives a drug and she gets addicted. Also, this book has 537 pages. The book ‘Crank’ is also the #1 Yew York times best selling author. The author Ellen Hopkins is the #1 New York Times best selling author of the book Crank and many more books, she lives in Nevada where she has founded Ventana Sierra.  

In conclusion, I enjoyed the free verse writing all throughout the book. However this book could be improved by fitting more words on one page. I say this because the way it was written was good except there were not many words on one page. Compared to the book Chains it has bigger words and less words. More books by Ellen Hopkins are: Glass, Fall Out, Burned, Smoke, Impulse, Perfect, Tricks, Identical, and Tilt. If you like the book ‘Crank’ you may like these books as well. This book was very interesting but in my opinion the end was a little dull but has amazing detail and twists.