Is Working Alone Affecting Kids Grades

Kayden B, Staff

Getty Images
A little girl is having to do work all by here self

Is working solo affecting kids grades, these are some of the things that people have came up to me before and asked. Working solo in my opinion feels like the best way for me to work. Does it help others?

When I look at groups working sometimes in my opinion I see that a lot of the times that the kids will mess around or they could get the job done a lot quicker. Sometimes when I work in groups I feel that there can be many good things about groups and there are some things that aren’t that good. For me school is very important, school helps me live my life later on.

From Frontiers in Psychology the website had said that 97% of students that work in groups with other people like it. They also said that people work in groups learn a lot more and they are able to figure out things on their own. When the students all work together they are able to tell them their point of view on the topic.

Some of the things that are bad about working solo is that the students aren’t able to talk with other people about their perspective on the assignment. Group work may be a lot better for you because when you do group work it’s been proven that when students work together it improves their social skill with other people.

So in the end even though that group work has been proven better for the student, here are some of the things that the teachers should be thinking about before they start assigning people to work by themselves.