Should the Team Hawk Policies Stay

Amelia Shoemaker, Editor

This semester, team Hawk created new policies.  There is one about no late work and the other about a bathroom pass.  No late work is accepted and all students get a pass for leaving the room and they can only go 9 times.  If they run out of times they can’t leave the room anymore.

Personally, I don’t really think that the bathroom pass rule is necessary.  I think that there are better ways to keep kids in class. According to, “Although it is not illegal for teachers to keep students from going to the bathroom if a student were to wet their pants, it would cause problems for the teacher and the school.  It would be better to just let the kids go.”

To me, the no late work policy is not a bad idea.  It keeps students focused on getting work in on time.  According to It’s Not Rocket Science Classroom, “Teachers are supposed to be teaching students to be responsible and take ownership for things they do.  By accepting late work it gives them slack and doesn’t prepare them.” I agree because students have to learn at some point that there won’t always be a second chance for work or an extension and the quicker they learn that, that easier it gets.

Other schools do have bathroom policies but lots of people don’t like them.  According to, “It is a health issue to wait to go to the bathroom.  This policy is actually common among other school but it is not recommended.” The no late policy has improved the grades of team Hawk and has improved the amount of work that has gotten turned in by students.

To me, one of these policies has improved the team but the other could be taken out and something else could be put in instead.  The bathroom policy just isn’t the correct way to deal with kids leaving class too often or messing around in the halls. On the other hand, though the no late work policy is not a bad thing at all for the team.