Should we have National History Day?

Hayley Withrow, Editor

The eighth graders are working on National History Day, or NHD, and have been since the second day of school. But lots of students aren’t doing it, and many don’t like it. Should the eighth graders be doing this? What are the pros? The cons?

NHD is a almost a year long project that eighth graders do. It is something history related, something that happened in history. Some examples are the Underground Railroad, The Challenger Disaster, and just anything that happened in history, but students have huge deadlines, and a lot of their grade depends on this, which causes stress.

Stress is already a problem in people our age, and adding this huge, semester long project is making that way worse. There are also really hard requirements that everyone needs to meet, like under 500 words for exhibit boards, and under 1,200 for websites. It all just adds to the stress of it all.

But, NHD is a great way to research history in depth, and learn more about something you’ve always wanted to learn about. It is also a way to express creativity because you can make a poster board, a website, or even a play. And, not all students dislike it, a lot find it very fun.

But, overall, in my opinion, National History Day is just too much. There are too many requirements, and there is too much of your grade riding on it. Students get very stressed, and a lot of the time the outcome is very big, so it feels like you did all that work for nothing. If people still want NHD, I think the teachers should shorten it by a lot.