Teachers Should Give Out Less Homework

Lizzy Burke, Staff

Middle school students have been struggling to keep up with everything in school, all the homework, all the projects, and lots more. Wouldn’t it be better if we had less homework? Us students wouldn’t be struggling as much as before.

Too much homework can cause stress as well as anxiety. This can affect school work negatively. You might have a lack of sleep, slipping grades, or more. We want kids to stay healthy and active during school, but how do they do that if they have to work on homework all night?

In middle school, kids are getting over the amount of homework they are supposed to have each night. The recommended amount is at least 10 minutes. But kids are doing much more than that. They are having to do almost an hour or 2 hours, which is very unhealthy. We need to give them 10-30 minutes each night, nothing more than that.

Doing homework all night can take away student’s free time as well. It can also take away their family time and activities. This also means they can’t be hanging out with friends much, which leads to less socializing. Kids need time for themselves, they need a break once in awhile. We can’t take away so much from them.

I believe middle school students and other schools too to get less homework on a daily basis, so at least 10-30 minutes each night. Kids need to relax at times and enjoy their day. This can benefit many students. Grades will go higher, socializing will increase, and they’ll get the right amount of sleep they need. Maybe would should give it a try!