Should Sierra Have a Therapy Dog

Amelia Shoemaker, Editor

Remi is our new therapy dog at Sierra.  She started this year and will be here for years to come.  Remi is a year old.

Personally, I like Remi being at the school.  I really think that she helps the students and staff here.  I think that so far she has had a positive impact on the kids that come in to see Remi.  According to, “Therapy dogs can help reduce student stress anxiety, and improve school attendance.”  After the Florida shooting, they brought therapy dogs to the campus when the students were going back to school to give them support for their first day back.

Therapy dogs can help provide a sense of connection in difficult times and provide comfort for people after a difficult time.  The dogs can be a huge mood changer and according to, “They can give someone a big sense of relief to a person after difficult times.  Plus, research shows that putting more dogs in schools shows a more positive outcome for students behavior and learning outcomes.” I think that most schools should have therapy dogs because they really help improve students moods and learning outcomes.  

I think that Sierra should get another therapy dog because I feel like it could help a lot more with students and staff because when people see Remi, most of them automatically get happier.  Seeing Remi just makes people light up and that’s why I think that she was a great addition to our school.