Should Base Camp Continue To Be A Place In Sierra

Amelia Shoemaker, Editor

There is a room called Base Camp.  It is room number 406. You can go to Base Camp any time you want for 10 minutes to clear your mind, calm down, or even make your mood better.

I think that Base Camp is a good idea for our school and I think that it helps the students that go in there.  Base Camp is a room that has many things to do while you’re in there. There is putty that you can play with, computers to do homework on, beanbags, bubble wrap, a couch, and Remi works in Base Camp.  Remi works in Base Camp with the handlers that are in there with her. According to many sources, a quiet place for students is a good idea to get better learning results.

I think that Base Camp needs to be more known because it really helps the students that come into Base Camp.  More students should come into Base Camp and at least try it because you never know it could work for you. According to Molly Nichols, “I think that it is a nice place for students to take a break from school work when they are dealing with distraction personal issues.”  I believe that it is a good place that should stay at Sierra.

Overall, Base Camp is a good place for any type of distraction that you might need.  Base Camp should definitely continue to be a place at Sierra.