Sierra Lunches Should be Longer

Luke Blevin, Staff

Sierra lunches should be longer. Students only have 25 minutes a day to socialize and eat their much needed lunch. Also, these lunches are usually very early in the morning, leaving kids more tired later in the school day. If we had longer lunches, kids would be able to eat and talk, and stay energized all day long.

According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and dietetics, when students have less time to eat, they eat much less healthy. This is an issue, because unhealthy foods provide less energy for students, because they are less nutritious. Having a good amount of energy is key for the school day, because students need to be awake to get work done.

One possible counter argument could be that the lunch times are already long enough, and that the kids are just talking to much. However, students should be allowed to socialize at lunch, because it is the only time besides passing period where it is allowed. It is also the only time of the day where students are allowed to be on their phones, which also takes from eating time.

According to Harvard University, students who have less time to eat often don’t eat at all. This can be a problem for low income students, as they rely on school lunches. If the lunch was longer, students don’t feel as pressured to cram socializing and eating into one, and can focus on getting both done.

In conclusion, students at Sierra should have more time to eat for a healthier and more energetic day.