How is having friends beneficial?

Kaya Gershkovich, Staff

In school making friends does not come easy to everyone, but it is important to socialize and learn life skills like being apart of a team. Growing and learning these skills is a big step. the people you around matter, they help you grow. But some individuals might say that school is about education and socializing skills, not friends. In the end, friends can be beneficial in school.

Making friends can be beneficial in many ways, you get to grow your socializing skills and learn with others. This is shown when “Exploring  your Mind” says “Friends are one of the greatest sources of support we will find throughout our lives.” By having friends you will not just improve your social skills it will help you build your support group. This can make you more confident and successful.

Another way this is important is because improves our physical health. This is proven by “Everyday health” “Research shows that those who are deeply connected with others actually decrease their physical risk of disease by lowering things like their blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol.”This statistic shows how friends can impact your health positively. Having connections with others will not just improve your mental health but your physical health in so many ways. In a way, friends can save your life.

According to “A study found that building trust with people as you grow older stains well-being.” Building these strong connections with others builds your trust and this will help you to become open to risks. Also, to take more chances after becoming more comfortable making connections.

This shows how many benefits there are to having friends and strong connections. These benefits range to your physical health to trusting abilities. Overall making friends is very beneficial.