Sierra Students Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

All throughout the day, students are always complaining that they are tired, but they just might be right. Most students are not getting enough sleep at night, which makes it hard to focus during school.

Studies have shown that six out of ten middle schoolers don’t get enough sleep. Students in Middle School need at least eight to ten hours of sleep each night, but not everybody is getting the right amount. According to, teens have irregular sleep patterns, which can affect their quality of sleep. Having an irregular sleep pattern means that you are staying up later into the night and sleeping in later on the weekends.

Not getting enough sleep can have many consequences. It can limit your problem-solving abilities, as well as hurt your ability to listen and learn. This makes it hard to concentrate in school. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can also lead to aggressive behavior, meaning that you yell at your friends, family, and teachers more often, making life difficult for everyone. stated that “The more time young people reported spending online, the less sleep they got.” This is a very suspicious pattern. Researches have shown that it is not recommended to be on screens right before bedtime, because the lights in the screen can mess with your biological clock. That makes it harder to fall asleep, which can lead to having irregular sleep patterns.

One way that people can solve this problem is by having a set time that they go to bed at every night, or by keeping their phones out of their rooms when they are sleeping. Teens are often not tired until 11:00 pm, but one way to make sure that you are tired when it’s time to go to bed is by exercising more during the day and not being on screens as much.