How To Maintain A Positive Attitude


Kelly Hobbick, Staff

Many people are pessimistic, and after a while, it gets annoying to hear the same old phrases every day, the phrases such as “I’m can’t do this,” or “I’m not good at anything.” We get tired of it and would like to change things up a little. To eliminate these phrases, you must maintain a positive attitude and have a good outlook on life.

According to, one of the best ways to stay positive is to have a morning routine. It is one of the most simple things that you can do to start your day off right, which often leads to having a good attitude for the rest of the day. Having a morning routine means that you have a bit more structure to your morning, a certain order in which you get ready for school. The simple act of making your bed in the morning can have an impact on your attitude.

The easiest things that you can do to have a positive attitude is to smile more often. Some people may argue that they have nothing to smile about, that their life is so horrible that they don’t have any reason to do so. You can always find something to smile about in all situations, try to find the good in every moment. Not only can smiling brighten your day, but it can also make the people around you feel better. Sometimes just seeing someone else being happy can make us happy as well. Smiling releases dopamine, the chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. states that the language that you use also has an effect on your attitude. Your language (not like English, Spanish, French, etc.) has quite a big impact on how you behave towards others. For example, if someone greets you and says “How are you doing,” do you answer with “Fine,” or “Not too bad?” Try changing your answer to “Fantastic,” or “Great” it can make a big difference and become a reality. If we try and keep our language positive and free of curse words, the people around us, as well as ourselves will start to feel happier. One more thing that you could replace in your language is to try to replace the word ‘have’ with ‘get.’ Instead of saying “I have to go eat dinner,” try saying “I get to go eat dinner”

The last thing that you can do to keep a positive attitude is to not let yourself get dragged into other people’s pity parties. Don’t hang around people that have a lot of self-doubts, it starts to have an impact on us. When other people are complaining, it is really easy to go ahead and find something else to complain about with them, but complaining makes you seem like a very unhappy person.

There are many other ways to maintain a positive attitude that I did not list, but if you try a few of these simple tasks, your teachers, peers, parents, and friends will all be pleased. If you try to have a positive attitude, other people around you may try it as well, making the world a better place, one person at a time.