Spring Break Needs to Be Longer

Many people decide to travel over spring break.

Many people decide to travel over spring break.



Kayla Stutz, Staff

Spring break is coming up fast at Sierra. All for Sierra’s students only have 1 week for spring break, and I believe this is too short. Students need time to relax and get away from the stresses of school. By the time the week is over, many students have just begun to unwind.


Spring is in the air! Botany or gardening is a common spring hobby.

Douglas County used to have Spring break for 2 weeks instead of 1. They changed it due to a change in the calendar and respecting that most families have to work and sometimes can’t leave their kids home alone during these breaks.


“Yes, spring break needs to be longer because people need time to travel and whenever I go on vacation I don’t want to worry about missing a day of school because I’m traveling. I also think it would be O.K. that summer break would be shorter because it is already a few months long and a few weeks wouldn’t make too much of an impact. It also gets really boring towards the end of summer because you are usually occupied by school work.” Morgan Parton said.


I believe DCSD should change spring break back to 2 weeks to allow students to travel, relax, or just have fun with friends. A longer spring break would, of course, mean that time would have to be taken off of summer break, but it would only be up to 2 weeks. This also wouldn’t be horrible because many kids, like Parton said, get bored over summer break because it is so long.


Parents also have to work, but by middle school, you are probably old enough to stay home alone, letting your parents work schedule not be disrupted. Staying home alone might be a problem for elementary students, so DCSD should only put the extension of middle and high schools.


Giving students a longer spring break to rejuvenate from stress and will help them perform better at school in the last few months they are there.