Teachers Should Wear Body Cameras

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

Parents often wonder the truth of how their child acts in school. One solution for this is for teachers to wear body cameras, similar to the ones that the police have. This is a simple, easier way to monitor kids’ behavior. In the United Kingdom, some of their schools already use body cameras to monitor their students.

According to NewYorkPost.com, teachers wouldn’t have to turn on the body cameras full time, only when trouble breaks out in the classroom. Body cameras would help keep the students safe and would help provide evidence to know who is not on their best behavior in the classroom. Body cameras would catch fights or disagreements to know exactly who started it so that there is no false blame. It would also prevent lying to parents, teachers, and principals because they can watch the footage of what actually happened.

Not only would having teachers wear body cameras in the classroom help keep order in the classroom, but they would also encourage good behavior in the classroom. Since students would know that they are being videotaped, they would most likely behave better. This could help during CMAS testing, that way the people who are ‘grading’ the tests can look at the video footage of the student while they are taking the test, a further way to prevent cheating.

Teachers could also have a bit of fun with the body cameras as well, like recording fun experiments or projects during the class. It would also make for an end of the year activity, students could watch how they grew and acted throughout the year, providing a sort of self-reflection activity.

According to TheTelegraph.co.uk, the body camera’s wouldn’t be running full-time. Teachers would tell their students when they are switching on the body cameras so that they are aware that they are being recorded. In conclusion, body cameras could prove very helpful in schools.