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Going To School Is Important

Going to school is important

Tatum Archer, Staff

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School can be hard if you don’t like to go, but school is very important to attend. The reason why we have to attend school is because everyone is going to need a education in order to get through life. Having an education is very important because it gives you the knowledge and skills that you are going to need.

School is not just about learning, school helps you with your social interactions. Having social interactions in school is very important because you need to be able to ask a question, talk to people if you need something and to be able to talk to other students so you can make friends.School has a whole lot more to it, you can have fun while you are in school as well. When you get in school, there are so many fun things that you could do, you could join clubs and even do sports.

Some of the sports that you could choose from would be basketball, track and volleyball, these are the main sports that you could do. But there is more that you could pick from. When you get in high school there is this piece of paper that you are going to want to get when you graduate high school. That piece of paper is called a diploma, a high school diploma is really important to have because it can help you in many ways when you get into the real world.  People might think that it’s just a piece of paper, but it really it’s not.


But, when you finish high school you need to go to college. College is really important to attend because it helps you get through life a lot easier. For example, when you go to college you are probably going to get a really good job.Whatever job that you had chosen is going to pay you well. So going to school and finishing school is really important to do.  

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Going To School Is Important